How to implement universal logout?

We have clients that use Spotfire on their machines (separate credentials from Auth0) and what happens when they login to Auth0 is that they get signed in to Spotfire via Auth0 credentials. But when they Sign Out from Auth0, they’re not signed out from Spotfire license/credentials – is there a way to ensure they get signed out from Spotfire/Auth0?

  • "auth0/login": "^5.0"
  • Laravel Framework

public function logout()

    $logoutUrl = sprintf(

    return Redirect::intended($logoutUrl);

    return redirect()->route('home');


Hey there!

I think the most effective way of figuring that out would be to reach out directly to repo maintainers via GitHub issue so they can suggest you the best path forward. Once you create it you can share the link to it here so we can ping them. Thank you!


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Perfect! Thanks for doing that! Let me ping repo maintainers about it in a minute!