Login as different user after logout

So I just followed this setup for Auth0 in Symfony. I use Symfony 4.4. After some struggling I got it to work. But it is not as I expected… I need SSO for my applications (e.g. app1.domain.com, app2.domain.com AKA *.domain.com). So when I login once I am logged in on all apps. I did not test if this works yet because if I login I can only use 1 account. After I logout and try to login again I am instandly logged in… I want to login again with my email and password, not instandly to the same account. Now if different users work on the same computer I have to go to the Auth0 dashboard and manually remove there tokens to make them be able to switch account. So again, I want it just like e.g. Github, when a user tries to login they always have to fill in a email and password. Even if I revoke the authorization for the user that is logged in it still does not ask for credentials.

Also if I fill in the credentials the application asks me if I want to grant access to my application. Can this be gone? See below:

I also see some topics that are simular but without some success… Possible answers are redirecting to this which does not help me much. Cool the API looks for those requests but if I dont get to know where to look for in my Symfony application I cant fix it. Everything I added in my Symfony project to make Auth0 work does have nothing to do with the API. Probably the packages handle it for me, but where I need to code, there is no API related stuff.

@allart Did you manage to find a fix for this? I have spent a while on forums now and yours is the only issue which seems close to the one I am having.

Maybe you mean logout from Auth0 Session Layer,I try to add federated when logout ,it worked。
more info in logout API

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community @cc419378878 !