How to hide "continue with personal account" button in Organization picker page

We are a SaaS B2B company. We want to let business users with domain matches with pre-created organizations auto onboarding without us creating users or invites.

So, we choose the settings of Types of users, both personal and organizational. Can’t choose Organizations only because it won’t let users auto-register.

What we want is the page on the page of Organisation Picker, You can pick continue with your personal account and multiple organizations you’re part of. I’m wondering if we can hide the “continue with personal account” button.

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Hi @thao,

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You should be able to control this setting in Applications{Your Application}Organizations.

You can select Business Users, which will limit personal accounts.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to conceal the “Continue With Personal Account” button when utilizing “Both” option? This option becomes irrelevant when an organization user is logged in. Is there a method to verify whether the logged-in user possesses any roles or permissions at the “Personal Account Level,” and display the option if so, otherwise, hide it?

Yes, this is what I was asking about.

Currently, we assume most if not all users would be organization users with one organization, so we select the No Prompt which removes the organization picker screen (the whole screen, not the button only).

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Hi @dan.woda,
Any update please.

Thanks for the update @thao. I saw your ticket too, it looks like it’s been resolved.

As for the general question, it doesn’t appear possible to remove it and retain the Both setting. Feel free to create a feature request in our Feedback category @ahtashamkamal223344.

Thanks all!


What is not clear?

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