How to get the refresh token with getAccessTokenSilently

Hi, we have a use case that need to get the refresh token and emit this refresh token to our mobile application via a mobile web view.
Next time we will this refresh token to exchange for the access token so that users do not have to login again via universal login in the webview.
But it seems await getAccessTokenSilently({detailedResponse: true}) is omitting the refresh_token value by this

export declare type GetTokenSilentlyVerboseResponse = Omit<TokenEndpointResponse, 'refresh_token'>;

What should we do in order to get a refresh token value?

Hey there @giaohoangkha welcome to the community!

You’ll need to include the offline_access scope in the request and your API in Auth0 must be configured to allow offline access in order for a refresh token to be returned - It depends on which mobile SDK you are using how you go about doing this.

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