How to get custom domain value in Universal Login?

Hello, I would like to know how I can get the custom domain value, so I could create a logout link on the Universal Login template, and use it throughout all my tenants.

Is this something doable?

Thanks for the help.

it is possible to use a custom domain value for your Auth0 tenants. A custom domain lets you unify the login experience with your own brand and products. Your users see a URL that displays your brand such as instead of

To use a custom domain, you need to do the following steps:

To get the custom domain value, you can either use the Auth0 Dashboard or the Auth0 Management API. On the Auth0 Dashboard, you can find the custom domain value on the Branding > Custom Domains tab. On the Auth0 Management API, you can use the GET /api/v2/custom-domains/{id} endpoint to retrieve the custom domain value by its ID

For example, if you use Spring WebFlux, you can get the Auth0 Domain value by following these steps (Spring WebFlux Code Sample: Basic API Authorization):

  • Open the Auth0 Domain Settings
  • Locate the bold text in the page description that follows this pattern: That’s your Auth0 domain!
  • Paste the Auth0 domain value in the following field so that you can use it in the next section to set up your API server: Auth0 Domain

Hope this helps

Well what I meant, is that I want a way to get the value from within the liquid template to do something like:

<a href="{custom_domain_value}/v2/logout">Logout</a>

Is this something I can get from the universal login template ?