How to get acces token in may Angular app?

I am building my SPA in Angular. I have completed all steps in quickstarts and everything works(including login, signup an so on). I have connected my page with our back-end, but when i get logged in i recieve 401 error. My team tried to solve this and we recieve token(it is even shown in console) but my question is how to get acces token in Angular?

Hi @szynszyl.rogalewski,

In dev tools, after logging in there should be a /token request where the Access Token and ID Token are returned. If you copy and paste the Access Token into, does it look like the token can be decoded?

If not, it’s possible that you may need to register your API if you have not done so already: Register APIs

Once you register your API, you’ll use the API Identifier as the audience in your Angular app:

  // The domain and clientId were configured in the previous chapter
  domain: 'YOUR_DOMAIN',
  clientId: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',

  // Request this audience at user authentication time
  audience: 'YOUR_API_IDENTIFIER', 

  // ... other configs

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