How do I get my access token

I am using your steps to “Integrate my app” for Angular. Using that method, how do I get the access_token?

I tried setting scope to “openid profile email” in the call client.loginWithRedirect. I don’t what observable I should subscribe to to get this information.

Thanks for all your help

Hi @bitsmaker,

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Are you using Auth0.js or auth0-spa-js?

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Hi Dan!

Thanks for your prompt response. Please note that I am using auth0-spa-js.

Is there a way to get all of access_token, id_token and expires_in as well?


Take a look at this for the access token:

and this for idToken claims:

If you are not requesting an access token for a custom API, then the token will be opaque and the expiry will be 24 hours.

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I was able to make the necessary calls, thanks for your guidance. I wanted to confirm that getTokenSilently returns the access_token and getIdTokenClaims returns a JSON where the key exp contains the expiration. I did not see a key call id_token. Not sure where to get that from.

On a side note could your company please update the example at to include the following functions in auth.service.ts

getTokenSilently$() : Observable {
return this.auth0Client$.pipe(
concatMap((client: Auth0Client) => from(client.getTokenSilently({
scope: “openid”,
audience: “”

getIdTokenClaims$() : Observable {
return this.auth0Client$.pipe(
concatMap((client: Auth0Client) => from(client.getIdTokenClaims())),

Please confirm the above items for me. Thanks again for your help

Hey @bitsmaker,

As you can see in the following example in the doc for the library, getTokenSilently is used for getting the access token:

Auth0-spa-js does not have a built in function to get the id_token. Please see this thread that discusses the situation:

As for the example, can you please submit it as a PR to the respective repo, the managing team will have a better understanding of the needs of the particular framework, and we try to keep the repo specific discussions organized on GitHub.


Thanks, Dan, will do. You may close this one

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Let us know if there is anything else we can do.


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Update: The raw id token is now available via this method:

$('#getIdTokenClaims').click(async () => {
  const claims = await auth0.getIdTokenClaims();
  // if you need the raw id_token, you can access it
  // using the __raw property
  const id_token = claims.__raw;