How to enable functionality for demonstration purposes?

i am currently working on a project in react using auth0 for authentication.
Is there a possibility to override the isAuthenticated state to enable sharing the project for demonstration purposes via github and do not require the other party to provide their credentials in order to be able to access the complete project on localhost?
Cheers for any help

Hi @benvonhep,

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I have seen two different setups for creating a demo app/OSS app.

  • Host the application somewhere, and allow open signup so anyone can create an account and tour the application. The drawback here is the fact that the hosting could cost you if you are getting a lot of traffic on the demo app. You may also need a payed Auth0 subscription if you have >7k users.


  • Have your users sign up for Auth0 and host the app themselves (likely on localhost). You can create a simple walkthrough of how to register an App in Auth0, or just point them to the docs, then have them plug in their credentials to .env file. This is how I have seen most OSS do it.

Nuxt Auth has a great example of a both strategies, they host a demo app that anyone can sign up and try, and also have the source open with a walkthrough of how to setup and host your own version.

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