1-click auto login of demo user

I’d like to showcase my app in a live demo mode : it’s a dedicated read-only user with fake populated data so prospective users can look around and get a feeling of how the features work.

My front end is React and communicates with a backend API w/JWT.

Regular authentication works great.

Ideally I’d have a button labeled “live demo” in the login page that gets you to the app in 1 click (instead of typing “demo”/“demo”) logged in as this hardcoded user ?

Hi @dan.dimerman,

I think you could achieve this a few different ways.

You could bypass the login completely, and have a hard coded token that is returned when they click a demo button.

You could also have them sign up for the app (this way you get an email for marketing), and select a demo checkbox or additional input field, then populate the demo data on that account in a rule.

You could set up a resource owner password grant, and get a token for a demo user by sending a demo username/password directly to the auth API (this would get around a login page). Be careful, this grant type opens up your app to some security concerns. I would not recommend this as a first choice.

Or give them a username/pw for a demo user.

This will end up depending on how you want to engineer it.

Hi @dan.woda and thanks for your reply.
I like the first option, but I could use some help with the technical details.
I’m using the useAuth0() hook in several points in my code that gives me the isAuthenticated value.
Is there a way to set these hard-coded values in the context, so I don’t have to wrap the hook on every place I use it at the moment?


Apologies, I could have better clarified what I was suggesting there. There isn’t a way to pass a false value into the react SDK. You will have to bypass it in your demo version, and pass some fake demo data.

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