How to disable WP migration when it's no longer needed?

Hi folks,

We’ve been using the WP migration feature for ages and it has worked great. We’re now moving to a Drupal-based site, so obviously the WP side of things won’t exist any more - the users are imported to Drupal from the old WP site, and we’re wanting to have the accounts created/managed in Auth0 only, not using WP any more.

How do I disable the WP Migration features now that we’ve got everybody in we want to bring in from that database? I hadn’t realised this would trip us up when deploying our new site but we’re now having people unable to register so it’s a bit of a problem! I could not find anything in the docs about this.

Thanks in advance?

I figured this out in case anyone comes across this problem.

It seems that this part is missing from the Wordpress docs - it doesn’t mention how you can turn off the migration at some point in the future so maybe someone could add that in this docs resource?

Basically, if you get to a point where you want to stop looking at the other database you need to convert the database - this resolved the problem we had!

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