How to directly talk with Auth0 team?

Question: How to directly talk with Auth0 team?


This community forum as any other community forum was designed with core principle in mind - sharing knowledge so that community users can tackle the issues they face. As in every community forum this knowledge is shared by the company employees as well as any other community team member that have appropriate information that can be helpful in order to provide solutions to asked questions.

We, as Auth0 team, often receives private messages about the issue our community users have and while handling some of those via private messages is the most effective way as we need to verify sensitive data without showing it publicly, most of the questions should be handled in public topics so that the widest range of people can benefit from that while looking for solutions to their answers.


Auth0 Team communicates with community users via private messages only when it comes to issues concerning sensitive data, otherwise we continue or create public topics in order to provide knowledge to potentially all the people interested.