How to determine if it is admin dashboard sign in to user?

For Action Login flow, I would like to know if it is ‘admin dashboard sign in’, instead of client-side regular sign in. I found admin dashboard sign in does not have event.request.query.login_ticket but is it safe to say that ‘all client side regular login has login_ticket’? Thanks.

Hi @jasonpark94

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What do you mean by admin dashboard sign in? Are you talking about a tenant admin? They would not be going through your actions login flow.

Hi Dan, yes but when i set up MFA with auth0 action for login flow, tenant admin sign in was also required to do MFA. How do i bypass this?

Hi @jasonpark94,

Dashboard admin MFA is not affected by the Actions. You can find the settings here: Multi-Factor Authentication for Dashboard Users

Hi @dan.woda thank you for the quick answer. I didn’t set up dashboard admin mfa. I only set up mfa for apps via action (login flow). When I try to sign in to my app via admin dashboard (tenant admin sign in) it requires mfa which seems like that login via dashboard does go through action login flow as well. I just don’t want login via dashboard doesn’t require mfa.

Can you please share a screen capture of the flow you are describing? You can send it to me in a DM. Thank you!