How to customize error-lock message in Android?

How I can customize error-lock message? In ios when i am signing up getting Thanks for signing up. But in android getting There was an error in sign-in this message in lock and in result {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Email not|5d7b56eed4332a0dd1b59bd8"}.


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So the core thing you’re mentioning here is the inconsistency between iOS and Android plus getting info about error in sign in while you’re actually signing up or that you want to fully customise it?

@konrad.sopala Actually, we have business logic in which the user needs to verify through email after sign up in Auth0 and for that, we need to handle error messages and we want to customize those messages only.

Gotchya! Let me do some research and get back to you shortly!

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Sorry for such delayed response but I got trapped in the huge wave of questions that came at me and totally forgot about this one. Once more sorry for the inconvenience!

If you’re still struggling with that I did some digging in our docs and it seems like it’s not doable when it comes to mobile cause if you go for customising error messages using Lock it’s only available when doing web not mobile. Here:

  • Web

I highly encourage you to place such product feedback via our product feedback form here:

Once more sorry for the inconvenience!