How to create a new application with a Customer Social Connection

Hi there,

I’ve made a new Custom Social Connection under ‘Auth0 Dashboard > Extensions’ which has been successfully tested with the connections ‘TRY’ button.

What I’d like to do next is create an application which then uses with Custom Social Connection, but when I go to create an application and select the ‘Connections’ tab, I don’t see any way for me to use this Custom Social Connection.

Is there a step I am missing in this process?

Thanks in advance! :grin:

Hey there @provEdgardoGutierrez!

Once you have successfully configured the connection, you should be presented with a list of apps associated with your Auth0 tenant under the Apps tab of the New Connection window.

Using the slider, enable this social connection for the apps that you want to use it with.

Once you have enabled/disabled the appropriate apps, click Save .

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