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How to authroize Custom Social Connections apps

I’m trying to create a custom social connection in my Heroku Auth0 addon.
I clicked on the Custom Social Connections link listed under Installed Extensions , and page is redirected to Sign In with Auth0.

But I don’t have any login information, because this Auth0 tenant is created as Heroku addon.

How could I get to access “custom social connections” page and create new connection?
Thank you in advance!

Try using heroku addons:open auth0 and then under the drop down in the upper right, invite yourself to be an admin. This will email you an invite link (or you can just click the “pending” link next to the admin that you just invited). If you follow that link, you can create an account in Auth0 (or log into an existing account) to get access to your heroku tenant.


Hi, Carlos.
Thank you for your quick reply!

I got to login Auth0 and finally created a new custom social connection by following your advise.
Thank you so much again.

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