How to connect SAP SuccessFactors API for multiple organizations

Hello Auth0-Community,

i’m building an iOS-App. But I’m struggling how to connect to SAP SuccessFactors API (HR Solution from SAP B2B). The API uses OAuth End-Point, so I have an endpoint, which delivers the token for accessing the OData-API. But to become a token via the endpoint I need to provide a signed SAML Assertion (described here).

A further challenge is, that SuccessFactors uses a technical User for accessing API’s. So I cannot pass the User from my App. The Scenario should be:

  1. User logs in to my App with Auth0
  2. User creates 1 to many SAP SuccessFactors connections (e.g. dev, test & prod Environment)
  3. App is able to use SAP SuccessFactors API

An API-Token for the mentioned SAML Assertion will be created within SAP SuccessFactors. So this needs to be done by the User. The target Group are SuccessFactors Administrators, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Someone has an idea how to solve this in a Best-Practice way? Maybe in a way, where later on further connections can be added (e.g. Salesforce-API and other SaaS-Tools).

I don’t find a way to solve this with Auth0.