How to change callback url to domain instead of localhost for production?

Hello i just deployed my auth0 template i downloaded that auth0 provides as a starter site. It works all god on my own dev localhost envoirment but when i got it online now (running o nginx linux on localhost:port). But when i use localhost:port/callback, then i can login but after i log in the callback url redirects me to localhost on the browser. Obviously this wont work but when i change callback url in auth0 dashboard for the app i cant log in at all since its saying callback url is wrong. How do i fix this so it works with my domain? That it redirects back to the domain when i logged in?

Not sure exactly what i did but i changed something in code. I think it had to do something with the baseurl or something, I put the new domain as a URL in code also in some way. now worked.

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