How to bypass OIDC Tenant banner

We’re implementing Auth0 where subtenants will login through a local LDAP server. I’m working at the subtenant level and am looking to bypass the attached intermediate screen. Clicking ‘Log in …’ in the attached banner sends me to our login screen. I want to go directly to the login screen.

How do I do this? I’m using ASP.Net MVC and OWIN.



Hey @william.james.martin, I may not have understood correctly just confirming do you want to do directly go to the LDAP connection login screen instead of the intermediate Auth0 login?
If yes there is a way to do that by specifying the connection name in the /authorize request by the
“connection” parameter.

Example /authorize request:

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.


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Thanks. That worked. For others using ASP.Net and OWIN, I ended up adding this to my Startup.cs under Notification:

 if (notification.ProtocolMessage.RequestType == OpenIdConnectRequestType.Authentication)
                            notification.ProtocolMessage.SetParameter("connection", "tenantName");
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Perfect, Glad it worked!

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