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How to allow browser to remember password in lock 10 in IE



I wan’t to allow the browser to remember my password when login in Lock using IE 11, but currently when i filled the username and password then press login the browser doesn’t ask to remember the password. I have tried on FireFox and Chrome all worked well but in IE it doesn’t work.


I have performed some testing about saving password in browser:
It worked well in Google Chrome Version 62.0.3202.62
But it don’t work on IE Version 11.0.9600.18816
Please help me to check if there are some bugs on Lock


The behavior you describe for IE 11 has been reported in this issue so you may want to follow it, if you haven’t done so already, to get updated information. The way browsers decide what constitutes a login form versus what not constitutes a login form may vary and it does not seem something with clear rules so at first glance I could not find anything to point to the root cause.