How to add google-oauth2 connection to a organization with management API?

I’ve automated creating an organization and assigning a connection to the organization with management API successfully, by the way, need to add a google-oauth2 connection to the organization automatically with management API as well.
What’s the solution for it? I appreciate your help.

Hi @Boss0 !

Please grab the google-connection id and send the management API request as shown in this doc - Enable Organization Connections

Please let us know any questions!

@marcelina.barycka Thanks for the info. Is the google-connection ID the same for every tenant, or does it change? If it’s a fixed value for all tenants, I can work with that. But if it varies, I won’t be able to use it as I thought. Also, is there a management API that lets us fetch the Google connection ID?

@Boss0 - it is a unique, specific for your tenant value generated by Auth0. But the name for it is the same for all your tenants.

You can use the query param: ?name=google-oauth2 when calling this management API endpoint, to get the id:

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Thanks very much. @marcelina.barycka

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