How to add auth0 rules settings/config programattically


I see an option to add rules setting in GUi. Is there a way I can add it via javascript files. Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve. I have rules defined in javascript files in my bitbucket repo. I have used a bitbucket extension to do continuous deployment. Like rules, I also want the rules settings written programatically in js file be deployed along with rules. In the bitbucket integration document, ‘rules-config’ folder is mentioned, but I want to know how to define those configs in a javascript file. Could you provide a sample ?



Per ( the file name of the JSON file would serve as the name of the key that will be set and in the contents of the file you would be able to set the value:

  "value": "some-secret-value"

Thanks a lot. That was very helpful. Could you also please help share me any article/document from auth0 on this ?

I twas mentioned right there in ou repo:

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