Configuration values in Hooks

Rules allows us to setup some configuration key-value pair to use in all rules in Does hooks offer a similar setting? This would allow us to update configuration without updating the actual code in hooks. If not, it seems like the only option is to hard code my configuration values inside the hook.

We do have a BETA feature allowing you to work with Hooks via the Dashboard

We are already working with Hooks via the dashboard, but what is missing is the section which allows us to put the configuration value. Here’s a screenshot of the configuration value in rules:

Does hooks allow us to setup configuration value too?

Looks like you do still have to use node.js code to work with it as it’s a bit different from a rule

It’s not possible to set tenant-wide secrets for hooks, but you can set hook-specific ones. To do this, click on the spanner icon to the top-left of the hook editor and choose Secrets. You will get a Secrets window to the right where you can add key/value pairs. They can then be accessed in the code in the context.webtask.secrets object. (eg: context.webtask.secrets.some_secret_value)