How the Auth0 iOS framework knows user is already authenticated for second time?

I’m new to Auth0 and its iOS library. I want to understand how the framework knows that the user has already logged in and from second it just opens and close the browser.

Hey there @anandhsonu1994 welcome to the community!

This is typically handled by credentialsManager class and in particular checking for stored credentials:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for answering. But I have been exploring the framework and added few breakpoints in CredentialsManager but I don’t them getting called for either storing or retrieving.

Could you point me in code where the Auth0 framework retrieves and close the identity broswer window?

FYI. Im not having any complex project. Rather using the SwiftSample from Auth0. After first login with credentials, the next time Auth0 displays the browser and close itself and gets me in. That’s why I wanna understand how this works?

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Hey @anandhsonu1994 thanks for clarifying!

Are you seeing this behavior in the simulator or on a physical device? Would you be able to share a quick video/gif of what you’re experiencing?

Keep us posted!

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@tyf, I’m seeing that behaviour in both simulator and device. I’m using the below sample project:

So, After I log in first time with email and password in universal login, I don’t see it adding the accessToken to keychain via CrdentialsManager and When I close the app/rebuild the app and click login, the app shows the safari browser and closes by itself and authenticates me in.

Can you help me clarify how the Auth0 framework knows that I have logged in already?

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