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How many users we can register as Dashboard Admins?



Does someone happen to know how many admins we can register through Dashboard Admins?

If we invite customer support members as admin, the number of admins becomes big 20 - 30.


To my knowledge there isn’t an hard limit on dashboard administrators, however, having more than a few may be an issue for other reasons, in particular, you’ll have a lot of people with access to the account.

You mention that this would be due to customer support members having to be included so if you haven’t done so already you should take a look at the Delegated Admin extension. Depending on the actions they need to do this could address your scenario, in particular, if what these members will need to do is associated with user management actions.

See this table with the available user actions on the extension to see if this would be applicable to your scenario.


Thank you so much.


Thank you so much.