How many applications do I need?

I’m integrating a user login in my standalone windows application with Auth0. The user will signup first using the website and then they will login via the native application. This means there will be 2 logins, web and native. Do I have to set up 2 separate applications inside Auth0? Can I also use SSO for a better user flow? Treating a windows application as a smart TV is a rather poor experience. What’s the recommended workflow?

Hi @alx.leiva , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I would take a look at this blog post about Best Practice for Native Apps, we would recommend using the centralized Universal Login so both the web and native application would direct user to the same Auth0 hosted signup / login page. This would also allow for SSO, I think its only possible for native apps when using Universal Login as stated in the SSO docs.

These 2 applications would be set up separately in your Auth0 Tenant, I recommend following the relevant Quick Starts for your technologies to configure these applications correctly in the tenant.
Hope this information helps, thanks!


Great Nathan, I’ll check those links out.

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