How do we customise the login screen when using passport-auth0

I have a nodejs application using passport-auth0 as the login strategy

How do I customise the login/signup form? I’ve tried sending the same options as Lock.js take but to no avail.

Based on the information provided your client application is redirecting to the hosted login page for user authentication and registrations.

The hosted login page by default uses Lock; you can customize the Lock shown in the hosted login page or even replace Lock completely and provide a fully custom hosted login page.

See the documentation about the hosted login page for reference information on how you can achieve the above.

Ahah, I didn’t realise it was using a customisable hosted login page. Thanks so much!

I wish this information was somewhere in the documentation. I started from your auth0 nodejs webapp samples and had no idea what login UI I am using. It took me a while to find this answer. Meanwhile I did not find any complete sample for a nodejs webapp that does NOT use passport-auth0, is there any available?