How do I view logs for (and debug) actions (especially the /continue callback)?

I have a redirect action on Post Login, which executes some code in the /continue callback.

Testing the action only executes the first (onExecute) callback, making it impossible to test the second callback.

And there appears to be no way to access logs from actions, making it totally impossible to diagnose what’s going on.

How do we:

  • view logs from actions that have executed so we can diagnose them
  • and/or test the /continue callback?

Note: I’ve seen this which highlights where the logs are just in the case of testing the execute callback.

Hi @thclark,

I understand you are looking for the logs from your post login actions.

You can find the logs in your tenant logs, under Auth0 Dashboard > Monitoring > Logs, and select a Successful Login event. Here is an example:

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