No Events Logged if a User is Redirected from an Action and Does Not Come Back to Auth0


If a user enters their credentials successfully, but they do not come back to Auth0 after an Actions (or rules) redirect, a log event is not logged in Auth0.

  1. The user logs in successfully (eg: by entering credentials)
  2. The user is sent to a third-party page using a Redirect in an Action or a rule
  3. The user does not come back from that page, so the /continue endpoint is not called


Until the Post-Login Actions are finished, the login flow is not completed from Auth0’s perspective. A failed login or success login log will be added to Tenant Logs only after this flow is over, based on the outcome of the flow.

If the user does not return back from the redirect (i.e. /continue endpoint is not called), no logs will be logged to the tenant for that transaction.