How do I use Organization APIs?

Every time I try to use Organization APIs I get the error The specified client_id (client ID) does not allow organizations. I have tried this with various apps on Auth0 and always run into the same error. The API is clearly documented so what is the use case? I see other posts with people using it with an M2M client ID and unsure what I’m doing wrong.

To clarify, everything works right up until I try and create an invitation which requires a client_id. At this point it completely fails with the above error.

I have tried this with every type of application and it still doesn’t work.

Hi @ronan2,

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First, let me clarify that the Management API’s Create invitations to organization endpoint takes in an org_id instead of a client_id.

Now, the error you encountered happens when the Organization settings for What types of end-users will access this application setting has the Individuals for personal use option selected.

Our documentation here states that users cannot log in using an organization when the Individuals or personal use option has been selected. I can confirm this behavior is true in my tests.

In this case, I recommend setting the Individuals for personal use setting to Both in your Application Settings > Organizations:

Be aware that this will not work for Machine-to-Machine applications. You must use a Native, Regular Web App, or Single Page App application type to use Organizations.

Check out our Organization Limitations doc for more information.

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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