How do I skip the consent page for my API via Deploy cli?

Manually going to the dashboard and enable the Allow Skipping User Consent it’s working but when I want to enable this section via deploy cli its not working.

I have enabled all the flags inside tenant settings(inside YML) but unfortunately am not enable the skipping user conscent section.

I really appreciate the help.

Hi @mahipal.gurjala

The Allow Skipping User Consent flag is located inside the resourceServers and has the name skip_consent_for_verifiable_first_party_clients. Inside your YAML file it should look something like:

  - name: Test API
    identifier: 'https://myapi'
    allow_offline_access: false
    signing_alg: RS256
    skip_consent_for_verifiable_first_party_clients: true
    token_dialect: access_token
    token_lifetime: 86400
    token_lifetime_for_web: 7200
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Thanks @ricardo.batista
But currently I have been using Auth0 Management API System API which is default one.
We have number of tenants so cant use custom one, is there any other way to change?

The management API is not exported by the deploy CLI, since it is a system API. This API represents an Auth0 entity and cannot be modified or deleted. You can still authorize applications to consume this API manually through the dashboard.


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