How do I set fixed length of access Token using pulumi/auth0?

We provision using pulumi/auth0 using Typescript. Using the Tenant settings (auth0.Tenant | Pulumi Registry) there is no option to set a “migrations” value or anything similar to the yaml value “issue_opaque_access_tokens: true” as recommended here: How to disable Fixed Length of Access Token & Authorization Code in the tenant.yaml.

Are some settings UI only as there are gaps in pulumi/auth0?

Hi @marcus_sensat,

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I understand you would like to set the Fixed Length of Access Token on your tenant using the Auth0 Deploy CLI.

To do so, you will need to set issue_opaque_access_tokens: true in migrations in your tenant.yaml file. For example:

  issue_opaque_access_tokens: true

Alternatively, you could navigate to your Auth0 Dashboard > Settings > Advanced and scroll to the Migrations section and enable the Fixed Length of Access Token & Authorization Code.

Does that help?


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