How do I get rid of the Authorize App box on registration?

I am currently working on implementing Auth0. I am using the hosted login page, with the Javascript SDK.

On registration (webAuth.redirect.signupAndLogin), the user sees the following confirmation box:

![Auth0 Confirmation box saying, “Hi User. Application is requesting access to your tenant.”][1]

I have been told by management that this isn’t acceptable, so my question is, how do I get rid of this box?

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The reference documentation for user consent that can be found at (User Consent and Third-Party Applications) covers the situations where the consent dialog will be shown. If you have already gone through the possible triggers listed in the documentation and you think you’re in a situation where that dialog should not be triggered then you should update your questions with additional information about your specific use case, in particular:

  • the value of the audience parameter being used or the value of the default audience;
  • the client identifier for which the issue happens (the client identifier is not considered confidential information, however, if you have reservations just create a temporary client where you reproduce the issue and share that client identifier);
  • the redirect URL being used by the client application (don’t need to share the actual URL, just confirm if it’s based on localhost or not).