How do I continue on the same page instead of redirect passwordless?

We have a multi step form on one html page.
We have a multi step ui on top of the form to show the user at which step he is. Based on each step we show specific divs. At step 2 we would like to validate the sms that was send through auth0 passwordless. After validation we would like to stay on the same page, hide the divs for step 2 and show the divs for step3.
Is that possible or we have to redirect to another page after verifying the sms?

To my knowledge that kind of flow would require the ability to validate the OTP code through a flow that does not imply HTTP redirects; that ability was available through /oauth/ro endpoint, however, this is a legacy endpoint and to my knowledge there is no documented/supported way to achieve the same through non-legacy endpoints. In conclusion, the recommended way to use passwordless is through the hosted login page and as such it would not allow to have that exact flow. If your account has access to legacy grant types you could consider using those, but I would not recommend it.

Thank you for your response.
We ended up splitting the flow and storing minimal state before initiating the authentication and restoring it after the redirect.
We will definitely look into the hosted pages feature.