How can I integrate Mandrill email templates back to Auth0

Under the Auth0 Dashboard, there is Universal Login that contains Email templates. I would like to test out templates with certain custom templates that I built on Mail chimp integrating it with Mandrill. How do I get those linked back to Auth0 for me to test email templates (from Mailchimp) to my email address.

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If you want to integrate your Auth0 tenant with Mandrill, we have a step-by-step guide on connecting these services. Configure Mandrill as External SMTP Email Provider

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@dawid.matuszczyk, I Could create an API key on Mandrill and copied it on Auth0. While I was testing I cannot add certain outbound emails from mandrill under this new API keys I created. Can you provide me any help please.

I could configure the API keys from Mandrill. That was successful in sending it to my email address. But when I want to send a particular email template from Mandrill outbound templates for example ‘Verification Email’ to my personal email I’m still receiving the default instead of receiving the verification email.

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