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Email templates + rules



I created a rule to send an email via mandrill - I picked from one of the Webhooks and modified it - and I was wondering if the html sent in the request could be imported from one of the Email Templates created, or would it have to be a big html string pasted inside of the rule?


Hey there @anja It sounds like you are looking to leverage email templates. We have some terrific documentation on that below, but be sure if you have any questions to let me know. Thanks!


Thank you for the link! Under the custom email handling docs, there are urls being use like to trigger a welcome email - is that the url pointing to the template? if so how do we get access to another templates url? Or is that something we setup on our api?


As long you must setup your own email provider using a third-party service (Amazon SES, Mandrill or SendGrid) or a custom provider you then have the ability to customize your emails. Your API will play a part in this. I hope this helps answer your question. Thanks!