External Email Provider - Mandrill (Invalid API Key)

So I followed up the documentation to setup external email provider with Mandrill

I have an account also an API key.

When I set the API key and click “Send Test Email” it says that the email is sent successfully.

When I open the logs there are two logs there:

And the error log looks like that:

I cannot understand why, for sure I am setting the correct API key which is from Mandrill.

Also one think I noticed when I am setting the API key is that:

I am copying the API key from Mandrill, then I am pasting it in the “Custom Email Provider Settings”

And the input looks like that:

When I click save it becomes:

(Just check the length of the first image and the second)

I don’t know if that is the problem or just Auth0 saves the API key in the database and after that makes the input value just to be equal to hardcoded “********”.

Seems like the problem is somewhere on Mandrill side OR there are some additional steps required which are not specified.

Because I made an account with the Sendgrid email provider
and everything there is working correctly, the email for changing password is send and there are no errors in the auth0 logs.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!