How can I hide navigation bar in Cordova Plugin

I am using auth0/Cordova plugin, but I would like to hide the navigation bar, I have been looking for the documentation but I can’t find anything about it. Could someone help me with that?

Hey there,

Not sure how to do it but let me see in the repos and check our docs how it potentially can be achieved!

Hey @rsanabria!

I did the research looking through booth Cordova repos that we have both owned by Auth0 and community, also checked our docs but it seems like there’s no info about it. Would you be able to post here the screenshot of the app screen with the navigation bar so I can discuss with other engineers how to hide it.

Thank you!

@konrad.sopala thank you for trying to help me.

I think the main problem is with the safari plugin that your team is using for the cordova plugin, it doesn’t have the option to hide the navigation bar.

My solution (not perfect) was to fork cordova plugin and use inAppBrowser by default and it looks like it is working now. Maybe later if I have the time will update the code correctly to make this configurable from client side.

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Gotchya! Thanks a lot for sharing that!

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