How are users stored in auth0 database

How are users email addresses stored? Are they encrypted or stored in plain text?
If I want to store users in an external store, what do you recommend as a security layer for the email addresses?

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What I would recommend is to use our step by step docs regarding that topic. You can find more about it here:

and the Auth0-hosted database is highly secure. Passwords are never stored or logged in plain text but are hashed with bcrypt . Varying levels of password security requirements can also be enforced. To learn more, read Password Strength in Auth0 Connections

Thank you for your reply.
Are users’ email addresses stored in plain text?

It’s not mentioned in the doc. Reached out to our engineering team to confirm that.

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The email aren’t hashed.

@konrad.sopala thank you!

No worries! We are here for you!