Hosted Login UX leaves space after entering password

In the hosted sign up page, we are seeing an issue where the space occupied by the password rules is left once you have a password which satisfies these rules.

This is using Chrome on Android - see attached! Is not an issue when using Chrome on the desktop.


Does anyone else see this - is there a way to resolve this?


Thanks for reporting! Can you repost the link to the screenshot? It doesn’t work :confused:


Sure here it is.

This is also an issue on the signup form on (which also uses Auth0)

Hey there @mark10, I would be happy to help with this situation but I was hoping to get a few more details. is this specific with only single type of a device or are you seeing it across multiple different hardware types that leverage Android. What version of Android are you and screen size of the device? Any additional information you may be able to share I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Thanks - I have been helped out by support. This is fixed in v11.7

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Fantastic, I’m glad we were able to help you get it resolved and thanks for posting the solution as well! Please let us know if there is anything in the future we can assist you with.

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