Hosted login not working on iPhone

Hi, I don’t know why but I can’t get hosted login to work on iOS Safari. The cordova version of my app works perfectly. Here are the screenshots of my customer constantly bouncing back to the initial non-logged-in page. Thanks for your help. My app URL is

:wave: @customautosys do they experience this behavior when selecting the Last time you logged in with or even when they sign in? And the application

I was able to test the URL for your application and I get redirected to (seems to be the same thing in the second image ( I experience the same on Android. What is the expected behavior? Where are you sending the users after they login? Can you share the code you are using to call the hosted login page?

Hi, thanks for your help! Actually I solved it last night. For everyone’s reference, the solution is to put an extra forward slash after the redirectUri in the authorize call. The bug was caused because Safari was discarding the hash when there is no extra forward slash.


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