Have custom login/signup page, cannot get password strength widget to start

hi! i have created a custom signup/login page (same custom login page, but dependant on which button they click on the main page, it will remove the opposite button so ensure its the correct flow), but i would love to have the little black popup come up when the user is creating their password upon signup. the popup that shows the strength of the password and what other criteria they need in order to create their password.
where can i find this script?

Hey there Jessica!

Unfortunately we don’t a separately standing script for that unfortunately! As you can see here:

it’s an all in one solution and the thing you ask for is one of its features. Have you built your app yourself from the beginning and you handle all the things hitting our APIs or have you followed different approach?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

yes! thank you! i kept forgetting to reply.

No worries! Then if you’re building the app yourself and only using our stack in terms of hitting our APIs endpoints then you won’t be able to achieve the password strength validation. You need to use our ready-to-use widget for that. APIs do not offer such possibility

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