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Google Authenticator & switching devices


Does anyone have suggestions for switching devices/phones when using Google Authenticator for an administrator account? I somehow was able to switch 11 other accounts on Google Authenticator and get them to generate a new QR code for new device. No matter what I’ve tried (adding removing account, having another sys admin request new MFA) I can’t get a new GA QR code for my Auth0 admin account. So I’m carrying around a old phone just for Auth0. Suggestions?


I also just changed my device… and I cannot retrieve a new QR code to setup Google Authenticator.


Have you tried Google’s process for switching phones?

@kimcodes may be able to help.


GN-auth0 was able to solve their issue! GN was having this issue due to a pop-up blocker preventing the Auth0 page from showing up. @bruth is this for your auth0 tenant or your users are being affected by this issue? If you need an MFA reset for your auth0 tenant account, please DM me your email and tenant name and we can put through a request for you!

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Thanks Kim. The pop-up blocker was one issue, but I realized I need to remove the existing MFA device from the profile before registering a new phone (since it appears only one device can be used at a time).

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