Google authentication just keeps loading

I’m using Expo.
This problem only happens on Android, it works on IOS.
It doesn’t return any errors, it just keeps loading infinitely.

1 - The app opens the browser to log in;
2 - I choose the option to log in with Google;
3 - I select my account;
4 - After selecting, it just loads and nothing else happens.

In the “users” tab on the dashboard, the account I selected with the correct “Last login” appears.


Hi @cyberkaidev,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like the request is stalling on the google login page. Does this happen if you try to log into google in other apps too?

No… In all the applications that I use Google to log in, it works normally

Are you able to share the request URL that is stalling? Please obscure any sensitive data.

I managed to solve it.
I just generated another build and magically it worked :rofl:

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