Sign in with Google not doing anything after click on an account specially in Android

I had implemented the social login with google in my flutter application and it was working previously but nowadays, especially on Android platform the login in is stuck after selecting the account from list of google accounts. On iOS it’s totally worked fine.
Here is my small code from where I got an issue

 Future<Credentials> signIn() async {
try {
  Credentials response =
  await auth0.webAuthentication(scheme: dotenv.env["SCHEME"]).login(
    parameters: {'connection': connection.getName},
    audience: dotenv.env["AUDIENCE"].toString(),

  if (kDebugMode) {
    print(" Testing mode :-" +response.accessToken);
  return response;
} catch (e) {
  if (!kReleaseMode) {
    debugPrint("Social login error >>>>" + e.toString());
  throw Exception();

Help me to resolve this.

Hi @sumit.tifane

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I’ve checked your tenant settings, and you are using the Developer Keys to integrate Auth0 and google-oauth2. There are Limitations of developer keys when using Universal Login Test Social Connections with Auth0 Developer Keys

Did you update the dependencies?


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