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Google account authenticate by email and password on first attempt?



I would like to be able to sign into my gmail account using just my email and a password. In my application need is only authenticate user via his register email address in android device , not required any additional information of user profile .

Is it possible?


You should update your question with more context about the use case and requirements as at least for me it is unclear what you’re trying to perform.


I will retrieve register email address from device and i have to ask enter their google account password .Check user is entered correct or incorrect password . The purpose is to check owner of the device .


I might be missing something, but if I understood correctly your comment then you want to have a client application in Android that only allows the user to access the application stuff if they can prove that they are the same person that has access to the email address associated with Android profile.

If that’s the case you should just implement your application to support Google authentication and then confirm that the identity of the user that completed authentication through Google is the expected one, in particular, you would check if the email of the user who authenticated is the same as the email of the device. I confess I’m not very knowledgeable on Android, but assuming the email address associated with the device is always a Google one then that would be it.


Yes ,i my case , User device get blocked completely , I have to give unblock option to user google account authentication , where i will suggest user to prove he is owner of the device by enter correct password of register email id.

I my case i have to validate correct password of register email address in android device.Is any way to archive this case in Auth0. We need to validate user credential from google database.

@jmangelo thanks for your effort , it will help me lots to solve my issue