Give option to duplicate application with all of it's setting, eventually have export functionality

Feature: Add option to duplicate an application in auth0.

Description: Many other solution provide application duplication system. One example can be low-code platform retool. There you can create an application and easily duplicate that / export and import. If there is any option like this in auth0 then it would be very helpful for users.

Use-case: In my case I have setup an application on our test tenet and tweaked it as our requirement. Now when we are changing tenet for example prod we have to set up new application again. Another scenario is : I created application for native app then I need to create another app for another platform say mobile, now I have to create it from scratch. If I could just duplicate it then it would be very much time saver and would reduce chance of messing things up.

That is why I feel this can be a good feature to have.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Could I elaborate on this? Auth0 application provisioning is one of the few manual steps that must be repeated in a browser for each environment. For example, I am currently provisioning a new staging environment in which to run our application. Spinning up the app infrastructure itself is easily done, even down to cloning the database.

But for Auth0, I have to go into the Auth0 website and toggle between two browser tabs to re-create the application in Auth0. Tedious and error-prone.

Hi @runako,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community and thank you for sharing the additional detail.

Have you looked into the Deploy CLI Tool?

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