Github Pages,, callback-URL 404 after login

Hello. I am trying to deploy my Vue3 SPA app on GitHub pages and everything is working as its supposed to. I have the callback and redirect_uri set to “<repo_name>”. However, after I login, I am redirected to only “” and the page does load but I cannot navigate to anything else nor can I refresh or else I am hit with a 404 error. I have been looking online and reading through anything I can find, but I cannot seem to resolve this issue. If anyone can help I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi @Huzam

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The issues you are faced with most likely occur due to how GitHub handles hosting pages, as Github Pages serve static files and do not natively support SPA routing. A dedicated repo → GitHub - rafgraph/spa-github-pages: Host single page apps with GitHub Pages describes this problem and shows a possible way to overcome it.


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