Github Integration 'manual' v. 'excluded'

In the Github Integration extension there is unclear language – what is “manual” v. “excluded”? If it means some rules in the repo are ignored, which is which?

Hey there!

Yep agree the wording seems strange. Let me confirm it with the team!

Got some explanation here:

Manually excluding the item in question from being updated by deployments

E.g. you could manually toggle off the facebook connection from being modified by a push

Hate to say it, but that’s even more confusing! :slight_smile: For instance, so to toggle off the Facebook connection I toggle on the toggle? You see what I mean? lots of double negatives.

So I think it says “If the switch is green, it means that particular item will use the Auth0 web UI to get its config. If the switch is not green, then any code in your github repo will overwrite the Auth0 UI config”. but I’m still not sure…

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