Getting type error when adding includeResponseHeaders: boolean to ManagementClientOptions

We want to get headers in response body, so following this documentation Management Client, I tried to enable it but getting this error

Argument of type '{ domain: string; token: string; includeResponseHeaders: boolean; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'ManagementClientOptions'.
  Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'includeResponseHeaders' does not exist in type 'ManagementClientOptions'.

current package versions are auth0: “@types/auth0”: “2.35.9”, “auth0”: “3.2.0”,
Still getting same error what to do?

Hi @karthik.jeeva :wave:

This issue is being raised from the @types/auth0 package you are using. Through digging into their repository I can see that the ManagementClientOptions interface is missing the includeResponseHeaders property.

As this package is not maintained by Auth0, I would recommend raising an issue with the package maintainer (Definitely Typed) to have this rectified. In the meantime, you may be better served by moving to a new package or defining your own types.

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Hi @james.merrigan , Thanks for answering, we extending the interfaces by auth0 getting headers now. Also will raise issue with maintainer.

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