Getting profile information with Node.JS and VUe

Hi everyone !

I’m currently trying to authenticate an user with Node.JS and Vue. I followed the quickstarts of these two sdk. I already succeeded to get the id_token containing the user info, and the access token for my API. I set the express jwtCheck and I can authenticate the user and restrict some routes. The last thing I want to do is to get user info in express by passing the access token. Should I call the userinfo endpoint each time I want to have user info in express ? I think it would be too much requests instead of directly passing the id_token to the server.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Sehsyha, it sounds as if your problem might be similar to the one I’m having with getting profile information, albeit with different client/server technologies. @josh.cunningham has pouinted me in the right direction with this and his replies might be useful in your case too.

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Thanks ! I found what I was doing wrong. The error message was that the audience was wrong, because the id token uses the Client ID for audience, I just changed that in my express server and it works.

But I have one more question:

Is it really secure to use the id token for authentication ?

Thanks !!

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